Syndicate Your Property Listing To Listanza

Update and delete your listings through a feed
If your real estate or property management website has a large number of listings, you can manage your syndicated property listings with Listanza through an xml formatted listing feed.

Download our syndication feed specification document here

How does it work
After you create your account on Listanza, use the main dashboard menu to go to Listings -> Add Listing Feed. Enter the URL to your feed location and save. Each day Listanza will download your feed and update your listings.

Feed format
Listanza uses XML feeds. XML feeds should be well-formed, and should be run through an XML validator or parser to verify. There are a variety of publicly available XML validators that you can obtain and run your feed through. An online XML validator can be found here.

The Listanza syndicated feed format
Listanza prefers to have as much information about each of your listings as possible. The more information, the more likely a user will find your listing. Additionally, some fields are required (with content) and you won't be able to submit your feed without them.

We generally require the complete set of all your published listings. Listings that have previously been downloaded from your feed but are not on your subsequent feeds, will be deleted from our database. This helps ensure your listings on our systems are the most up-to-date.

Other feed formats
We prefer the Listanza feed format, as others can be more limited with the listing information they provide. However, we do accept a number other formats as well. Listanza currently will also accept feeds that are in the ExpertAgent,, My Data Feed, Onjax, Property Portal Feeder, Propspace, REAXML, Rentlinx, Rightmove, Trulia, Trovit, Ximo, XML2U and Zillow formats.

If you are currently using a feed format not listed, but would like to use it with Listanza, please let us know. We will be happy to work with you to integrate it into our feed import system.

Download our feed specification document here