About Listanza

Effective, efficient, and free doesn't hurt either!

At Listanza! our strategy is to harness the power and flexibility of the internet using the latest software platforms to deliver what we think is the best, most effective, efficient, and feature rich property listings service for rental property owners, agents, and property management professionals.

How are we different?

Our system is searchable by ID number and this ID number is there to use in other marketing channels such as newspaper ads and yard signs (e.g. Search ID#123 on Listanza!com). We allow company logos with each member account as well as unlimited Open House scheduling. Listanza! can be used as an online catalogue of real estate inventory with the "View All Listings" link on the listings detail pages. Listings can be marked "SOLD" or "RENTED" to continue the marketing program. With our free widget, companies can show their Listanza! listing to visitors of their corporate website.

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