Why post rental listings

List property FREE.

Lets you manage, market and socialize your listings simply and effectively. Post as many properties as you like and see how many hits they get in real time. Tenants search listings and contact landlord FREE! - and no membership needed. Add a video tour to give you listing that extra punch!

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Post your rental listings on your website

Post your listings here...
  then show them there!

A free property marketing widget that allows landlords, agents, and property managers to display their listings at Listanza! on their website, thereby improving efficiency while maximizing marketing exposure.

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Why post rental listings

Power of the internet.

"We harness the power and flexibility of the internet using the latest software platforms to deliver what we think is an incredible, feature rich property marketing tool." - Ralph Marshall - Founder

Listanza! continuously takes advantage of the latest developments in software technology to increase efficiencies, reliability and cost effectiveness, while delivering superior service value.

Our Technology

Your property listings socialized


Post your listings to Facebook or Twitter with one click right from the Listing Manager.

Properties on the internet


Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji

With just one click, get HTML code you can use on other marketing sites like Craigslist, Backstage, Kijiji, etc., to produce a great professional looking ad.

Syndication property marketing tools

Listanza spreads the word

We'll tell everybody

Listanza! syndicates your listings to our growing list of partner sites for maximum market exposure and it's all done automatically.

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20 photos with all rental listings

Lots of pictures

Upload as many as 20 pictures for each of your listings.

Post unlimited rental listings

Unlimited and Free

No limit to the number of listings and no publishing time limit either.

Manage and view listings anywhere

Tablet Friendly

Post, manage and view listings from your computer or tablet.

Rental property lawn or yard signage

It's print ready

Download a print ready artwork PDF file that includes your listing ID#, for a Listanza lawn sign, directly from the Listing Manager. Then up upload it to places like Vistaprint to order your lawn sign, fast, easy, and online.

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