In fact there are so many reasons that pool water can become cloudy that I couldn't list them all here. However, we can look at some general problems, and try to eliminate them first. More often than not, these problems are related, and by solving one, you have a good chance of solving more.

Research shows that attic ventilation may not be as important as once thought. Computer models have shown that attics in damp coastal climates may actually be drier with less ventilation...

Daily habits we begin today will keep water in supply for generations if we follow a few simple guidelines.

Having your own home pool spells out F-U-N. During days with warm weather, it is natural for many people to want to jump into the pool and cool off. In order for your pool activities not to be spoiled, you need to regularly perform home swimming pool maintenance.

Sharp blades give a sharp appearance to your lawn. By the same token, dull mower blades leave your lawn looking shaggy and poorly cared for.

Is the water pressure in your home diminishing? Are you getting just a dribble from the shower head? Usually simple little fixes

As every homeowner knows, the houses we live in are in constant need of repair. It seems like there’s always something crying out for attention. But there’s one important part of your house that may go unnoticed, yet it’s responsible for protecting everything you own. It’s your roof -- and it may be showing signs of failure.

If you own a home, it is essential to learn what to look for when it comes to the structural integrity of its foundation. Having building inspectors look things over every once in a while is always a smart move, but there are plenty of things that you can keep your eyes out for as well. Catching potential problems early on can help you avoid very costly repairs down the road.

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